Vehicle Maintenance

All chauffeurs are trained and well aware of vehicle maintenance and driving. Regular vehicle service and maintenance is carried to ensure smooth and comfortable rides. Our drivers are capable of solving mechanical problems in the rare times of vehicle breakdowns during travel.

Road Safety

Our drivers strictly follow road safety rules and regulations and drive within speed limits. This service focuses on the customer’s comfort while sticking to their strict work timing schedules by dropping them and picking them on time. All the regulations, as enforced by concerned Authorities for Commercial Vehicles and Drivers, are strictly followed and complied with.

Identity Verified Chauffeurs

We employ identity verified chauffeurs and take them through rigorous training in driving as well as behavior. We ensure that our customers get a comfortable experience with our chauffeurs all the time. In the first ride itself, our chauffeurs make sure the customers are content and that they have their own space.

Women’s Safety

Our service is praised for the safety of working women traveling during odd hours. We have a tie-up with RN Safety Services for security escort services. Each vehicle is monitored through GPS tracking devices, and extra safety measures are taken for female commuters. All vehicles have emergency numbers and control room numbers to be dialed in times of unfortunate mishaps or circumstances. Our Quick Response Team (QRT) instantly responds to cab breakdowns to provide instant backup. We have the safest and the most reliable work commuting service for women working in the day as well as night shifts.

COVID Safety

RN Cabs take COVID Safety very seriously, and our vehicles are regularly sanitized to avoid infections through touch. Our drivers also practice strict social distancing with the commuter during the ride. They take special care by using sanitizers and compulsory masks as a COVID safety measure. With RN Cabs, travelers are at the lowest risk of COVID infections.


Technology driven company who pioneered end-to-end automated system in transport sector. Our Process Automation centers around the corporate fleet management with human resource sector, management of workshops, and financial operations. Constantly on look out for latest updates on technology and integrating them into our system to optimize and enhance our operations in the most efficient way.

Control Room

Our Control Room has the facility to keep track of virtually everything to do with Giriraj Tour and Travels, at this centre.

Live Tracking (GPS)

Real-time GPS-based tracking and updates.

Driver App

Track driver on the move.

Hardware Integration

Panic Button, GPS Camera, RFID and microphones.